A Hive of Knowledge

The Apiarists Record of Knowledge (ARK) is an aid to help support and develop training within the BBKA membership. ARK allows you to track your own progress through the BBKA’s recommended curriculum in a similar way to a checklist, but being an electronic checklist ARK can also help you access relevant resources such as training courses/events, documents, videos and recommended reading.

Beekeeping is predominantly a practical activity and competency is gained by working with honey bees, observing their activities, understanding their objectives and intervening where required. ARK is not an alternative route and cannot replace that experience. It is intended to provide a convenient record of the knowledge you will need when working with bees and should help you increase your understanding of what is known.

The individual competencies, or elements, have been grouped in the checklist into 7 subject areas and within each subject they are arranged by topic. Each competency has also been given a rating of difficulty, denoted by 1, 2 or 3 stars to help you approach the topics and subjects in an appropriate order.

1 star denotes it is appropriate for a Beginner, ie the first 2 years of your beekeeping experience.

2 stars shows it is intended for the next step, beyond the BBKA Basic assessment, which we have called Improver.

3 stars equates to skills that an Accomplished beekeeper should aspire to.

The checklist allows you to record your progress at the level of each element. To do so open the element and in the current competency area select the appropriate level that you feel you have reached. The choices are Researched, Tried, Mastered or Verified. The latter is intended for you to show you have been formally assessed on this skill, probably as part of one of the BBKA Assessments or Modules.

The elements can have resources linked to them to help your understanding. It is planned that the resource list will be maintained and updated as ARK develops.


Ark provides you with the knowledge needed to learn about the BBKA beekeeping curriculum as well as add your own notes.


Ark gives you an insight into your beekeeping knowledge, allowing you to self asses your progess and prepare for beekeeping exams.


As you develop your skills and knowledge ARK will show you which areas of beekeeping you have mastered and which you still need to improve, allowing you to grow as a bee keeper.

Help to educate the beekeeping community

If you have a course or event that would help others increase their beekeeping knowledge you can make it visible to the BBKA membership through this service. Simply select the 'Submit a course or event' link below, complete the form to provide the requested information and we will do the rest.

In addition to appearing in the ARK listing the information will be displayed in the News & Events listing page on the BBKA website.